Change a Pet’s Life Day! Pawsome!

Jan. 24 is Change a Pet’s Life Day! Not only is changing a pet’s life easy to do, it’s an act that will give back a hundredfold. This special day was created to encourage pet adoption and to spread awareness about animal welfare. Hundreds of shelters across the U.S. participate by offering reduced adoption rates and there are many ways you can celebrate! And, you’ll not only change a pet’s life, but your life may change forever as well. Here’s a dog that lived on the streets a couple of times and then he heard, “Do you want to be my dog?”

And, his new life began.

Blog #3.2Super Smiley, the blog dog, here in intense wag mode, because you have the power to change an entire universe! Remember the story about the little boy on the beach that was covered by thousands of washed up starfish? He was throwing them back one at a time and a man walked up and said, “You’ll never save all those starfish; the few you save won’t mean anything.” The little boy threw one back into the sea and said, “It meant something to him.” By adopting a pet or by strengthening the bond with the pet you have, you will change his world forever, and your world will never be the same. I guarantee it!

 At the wise old age of 6, I’ve seen a lot. Just within my little family, I was abandoned twice, my German Shepherd sister was abandoned four times and was scheduled for “that last room,” our beautiful horse was scheduled for slaughter, and Tout Suite The Travel Kitty was thrown out into a parking lot during a snow storm when he was only 8 weeks old! 

And there are millions like us! Millions waiting for you to change their lives so they can change yours! You rescue us and we will rescue you right back!

Here are my Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Change a Pet’s Life Day:

  • Adopt a pet or encourage your friends to adopt. There are millions and millions of wonderful, beautiful, loving animals waiting for you right now! Out of all of those millions, there is one that is perfect for you. And if you aren’t looking for a new pet now, tell your friends about pet adoption. When you adopt one pet, you save a second one too, because you make room for another one to be rescued!
  • Give your pet a new activity. It’s the New Year, so shake it up and change your pet’s life with a new routine! Start an agility or obedience class. Walk a new hike on the weekends. Build your cat a fancy cat tree house. What I’m saying is: consciously embrace life with your pet!
  • Ask your local shelter if they are planning a Change a Pet’s Life Day with activities like reduced prices on their adoptions. If they are, volunteer to help promote it and help out at the event! And if they don’t have plans for the celebration, you can volunteer anyway and share the message yourself!
  • Fostering a pet for a rescue organization can help make room for another one to be saved. So by your fostering a pet, you are helping to save two!

Blog #3.3

Think of three ways your pet has changed your life! Write them down and share it with all your social media friends along with Change a Pet’s Life Day!

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from,
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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