Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

In continuation with the celebrations of love following Valentine’s Day, today is National Love Your Pet Day. Today’s a day dedicated solely to celebrating the four-legged loved ones in your life! Here are some ideas to celebrate your pet:

  1. Take dogs out for a new, scenic walk. Walks allow you both to get plenty of exercise and are a nice way to show appreciation to them. Be sure to know the leash laws where you live before heading out. Some places like beaches prohibit dogs from running loose, while a dog friendly and enclosed area always welcomes them to run free.
  2. Give them a special treat. Choose something from a pet store, or make it personal and create it yourself. There are all kinds of ideas for different pets! You can attach a special bird treat to the side of their cage or give your rabbit their favorite vegetable.
  3. Give them new toys (or DIY if you’re creative). Have fun with a cat with bells and string or buy a laser pointer toy to keep them entertained for hours.
  4. Give them a bath filled with love. No animal (except for cats) hates baths. Make them feel clean and comfortable while in the bath and keep in mind that dogs love to be brushed afterward!
  5. Give them extra attention to make them feel special. On most days, we miss out on spending quality time with our beloved pets. Take time out today to give your pet the attention that she deserves!

If you don’t have a pet to shower with kisses and presents, you don’t have to be left out of this holiday — there are numerous ways that one can get involved and appreciate the animals around us. Adopt a furry buddy or volunteer at your local animal shelter and show the animals that you care!

How are you going to celebrate your pet today?

Happy National Love Your Pet Day!

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