Super Smiley’s Top 10 on Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

Super Smiley, blog dog, here with 10 simple ways to celebrate and support Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month!

pic 1First — the problem: According to the ASPCA, a pet is abused every 10 seconds. It can range from simple neglect to intentional harm; and if you are reading this, you may have even rescued one of these pets and know about it firsthand.

I know about it. My German Shepherd, Angel, was abandoned in the high desert with her ears duct taped up. My horse, Starfire, was starved, thrown to the ground by his ears and “hogtied” to be saddled. I was abandoned twice in downtown LA! And we’ve all seen the sad television commercials…

Now, we can do something positive and with a feeling of celebration! And it’s sooo simple!

  1. Strut your orange! The ASPCA urges us to “Go Orange” this month with the color of rescue and adoption! We can also participate in the ASPCA’s events that will help abused pets nationwide.
  2. Offer a good example to neighborhood kids by showing them how to approach a pet and how to treat them with respect and kindness. That’s my specialty!
  3. Get to know the pets in your neighborhood and look out for them. If one gets loose or is in the street, help ‘em out.
  4. Create your own “Go Orange for Animals” event. It could be an adoption event with your local rescue, or it could be a simple, fun get together like a Pet Party or a Super Waggin’ Dog Walk. Funds raised could help with adoptions or could be earmarked for medical care for abandoned or abused animals.
  5. Share a success story! Celebrate a pet you know who once was abused and now is a loving family member by setting up a social media page in their honor.

Hey everybody, Megan here and let me start with, “Good Boy, Super Smiley!” All the pets like Super Smiley that survived abuse can be such amazing ambassadors this month, so let me continue this list:

  1. Share your pet’s inspiring personal message of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals on social media with hashtag #fightcruelty and @aspca @PetHealthCentral and @SuperSmileyDog tags.
  2. Give assistance to people in need, like helping an elderly neighbor take their dog to the veterinarian or carry in a large bag of dog food.
  3. Lobby for stronger anti-cruelty laws and punishments in your state and community.
  4. Learn to recognize potential signs of animal abuse like neglect, improper housing, hoarding or an ongoing untreated medical problem.
  5. If you see or suspect animal cruelty speak up. Often a good place to start is with your local law enforcement agency.

And, if you’ve rescued a pet that was once abused, you may have also joined the ranks who say, “Who rescued who?” I know I’m one of those lucky ones too, and this month, Super Smiley and I will be going orange!

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from,
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

If your pet is still traumatized from past abuse, a calming collar and diffuser may help. The calming scent with pheromones is designed to relax your dog or cat in stressful times and may be what he needs to help him turn the corner.

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