Super Smiley on National Pet Day!

Did you know that tomorrow is National Pet Day? Mark your calendars! 

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Super Smiley, blog dog here, declaring that we love our people, and people love their pets! So, of course there is a National Pet Day! Especially since the ASPCA reports there are 70-80 million dogs and 74-96 million cats living as pets in the U.S.!

The super amazing person, Colleen Paige, created National Pet Day to raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption. We give her Four Paws Up! Because with this mission woven right into the celebration, we get another opportunity to share how great we adopted pets can be!

Here are some ideas for celebrating and sharing National Pet Day!

  1. If she’s the social type, take your dog to a wonderful dog friendly outdoor café or coffee bar. She will love the social interaction and being with her favorite person. And, there’s more to it…
  2. When someone asks what kind of dog she is, say she’s a shelter dog, and share her amazing rescue story. You never know who you might influence to adopt instead of shop. People are really surprised when they find out our beautiful, calm German Shepherd, Angel, is a rescue that had been returned to shelters four times and was headed to the euthanasia room. All she needed was the proper social structure. Now she is an amazing ambassador for pet adoption, and your dog can be too!
  3. What’s your dog’s most favorite thing to do? Do it! A walk, swim, or going to the dog park… dogs love the simple things. And they enjoy them with their entire being.
  4. Bake him a casserole! It’s simple. Cook rice, hamburger and broccoli. Drain off any excess fat and stir it all together in a casserole and heat in the oven so the flavors all mix together. Let it cool and serve a portion to him. He will LOVE it!!

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Good job, Super Smiley! Hey everybody, it’s Megan here now. I knew Smiley would work in that casserole! If you make and serve that, be sure to only give one serving, so that your dog doesn’t overeat and upset his stomach.

  1. For the cat stewards, celebrate by making her a window perch for a bird’s eye view. This can simply be fashioned from a window height table with a cozy blanket on it, or purchased or constructed as a high-tech custom bed that fastens to the window ledge. If she already has a perch, give her a second one to celebrate the day and switch up the view.
  2. Give her a new toy that will tap into her natural prey drive!
  3. To help homeless pets get a walk, a loving touch and maybe even a forever home, volunteer at your local rescue or shelter for the day. Let your friends know your plans, too, so they might be inspired to help out as well.
  4. The power of social media is massive, so use it to share the message of National Pet Day. Post pics of your day with your pet, how you celebrated and maybe even who you met and influenced to go out and adopt a pet. Who knows, maybe they will be celebrating with us next year!

Until Next Time,
Happy National Pet Day and Woof and Super Smiles from,
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

If you want to take a special treat for your dog on your National Pet Day outing, don’t forget that dogs love peanut butter treats! Your dog will love them, and they are more transportable than the casserole. How are you planning to celebrate National Pet Day?

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