Earth Day: 16 Ways to Go Green with Your Pets!

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and in observing people, I’ve noticed that they are making more and more choices to help keep the Earth greener. Since we pets are part of the family, we want to get in on Earth Day, too. So I’ve got some ways you can go green with your pets!

You all can probably guess the top two, but since they are at the front and center I’ll list them again, and then… on to simple ways to go green with your pets!

  1. The #1 way to go green with pets is to “Adopt, Don’t Shop!” Instead of buying new, get a recycled dog! Like my song says:
    “Adopt a Dog, don’t go to the store.
    They’re a million like me. Why help make more?”
  2. Spay and neuter. We know this one, too. The quickest way to increase your pet’s carbon footprint is to make more unwanted pets that will burden shelters and rescues. (See the above song lyrics.)

Now some simple things we can do at home…

  1. Biodegradable cat litter! There are lots of biodegradable cat litters out there made from recycled materials. And your cat will love ‘em! They’re made from things like recycled newspapers, wheat, corn, and wood shavings of pine, cedar and sustainable hardwoods. And, since these cat litters are biodegradable, you can add most of them to your compost. Even better: most are missing the chemical perfumes and dust that might bother you and your cat.
  2. Choose bedding made from recycled and sustainable materials. These are usually clearly marked and some are made from organic products, too!
  3. Collars and leashes made from sustainable materials like bamboo and hemp are strong and soft, and are cruelty free!
  4. I love dog treats with peanut butter! And, I love switching it up by sharing organic carrots with my horse, Starfire. So if you have a local farmers market, pick up some organic carrots for your dog to munch on along with his regular treats. And, while we are talking about nutrition, vitamin and mineral supplements help keep us dogs healthy and goin’ strong.

Good job, Super Smiley! Hey everybody, it’s Megan here now with some green cleaning tips. Cleaning products have traditionally been made from petroleum products or bleach, and I’m sensitive to most of these, so I can only imagine how this must affect my pets’ sensitive snouts. So, I’ve got some green cleaning tips, but first, here are two pet lifestyle tips that are good to know so your environment stays greener and safer for wildlife.

  1. If you love hearing the birds and watching the squirrels, keep your kitty indoors. According to Peter Marra of the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, D.C., America’s cats kill between 1.3 and 4 billion birds per year. Cats are perfectly designed predators, and nesting birds have almost no chance of survival if a cat is around. How many of us cat stewards have opened the door to find our cat has left us a “present” on our doorstep? So, to keep the birds singing and the squirrels frolicking, keep the kitty indoors.
  2. Along the same lines, when you’re hiking with your dog, keep him on a leash. Dogs are natural predators and many love the chase! The simple solution is to keep him on a leash. Then you can enjoy the view, he can enjoy the smells, and the wildlife can enjoy their environment.
  3. For a green cleaning alternative I’ve found that white vinegar and baking soda will clean almost anything and it doesn’t leave a soapy residue or chemical smell.
  4. Need a whitener? Instead of bleach, the cleaners based on oxygen technology work for me. They really do whiten, so if you are using it on a colored or tinted surface, test a small area first to make sure it doesn’t discolor the surface.
  5. You can get that fresh air smell and feel without the use of artificial air fresheners by just opening a window.
  6. If you crave a scent in the air or want to mask an odor in the cat box area, boil cinnamon or cloves.
  7. Instead of carpet cleaners with harsh detergents and artificial fragrances, sprinkle baking soda on the carpet and vacuum it up. This will leave it smelling fresh.
  8. To avoid pesticides when fleas are jumping in a carpet infestation, vacuum them up! Be sure to remove the vacuum bag when you finish and put tape over the bag opening immediately.
  9. To eliminate the remaining fleas without pesticides, sprinkle borax (diatomaceous Earth food grade) on carpets and let it sit for a few hours. This will suffocate and dehydrate fleas and in a few hours, it can be vacuumed up along with all the fleas.
  10. Wash your pet’s bedding once a week to help eliminate any fleas or flea eggs that might have fallen into the bedding.

earth day 2

We love our pets, and what better way to show it than to give them a wonderful, clean, safe home — which also includes the Earth. Have a beautiful Earth Day! Let us know how these tips worked for you, and…

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from,
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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