Super Smiley on World Pet Memorial Day

We pets touch humans in a profoundly deep way that’s just different from the way humans bond with each other. We are different, and that’s why we are here… to show you how to love unconditionally. To be eternally faithful and to look into your eyes with such trust and innocence that you know we are little pieces of Heaven right here with you.

Super Smiley, blog dog here, with my dog insights on World Pet Memorial Day.

“You have left my life, but you will never leave my heart,” is carved in a stone. “Remember me,” on another.World-Pet-Memorial-Day-1

Why don’t we live as long as humans? Why can’t we stay with you the whole way? I heard one person say it’s because pets don’t take as long to get it right. I heard another say it’s so people can have the opportunity to experience many of us, not just one or two.

World Pet Memorial Day is a special day to celebrate and remember pets that are at Rainbow Bridge, and to celebrate those who are still with us! It’s a day to honor all pets, and to really look at and appreciate the gifts your current, living pets give you every day.

These gifts can be the simple ones that are so simple they might even be overlooked, like the gift of “happy” or of a smile, the heroic gift of saving lives in combat, or the deeply profound gift of a therapy dog visiting someone who is about to meet his old friends at Rainbow Bridge. We pets are there for you… now and forever.

Wow, Super Smiley, your sweet dog insights are right on! Smiley’s person, Megan here now, and it’s true, pets touch us in profoundly deep ways that sometimes seem to claim our hearts even more than some human relationships. World Pet Memorial Day is the second Sunday in June and World-Pet-Memorial-Day-3marks a day to specially recognize all of our pets, as well as all of the life-affirming therapy and crisis response animals and all of the K9s who serve with our military and police force.

Super Smiley and I believe animals are healers and teachers. What does your beautiful pet show you each day? How does he make you better? Look deeply and celebrate his special qualities now, while he’s here with you!

And for those pets that have moved on, there are many ways to celebrate them.

  • Remember your childhood pet that might have been your first friend.
  • Create a living memorial by planting a tree or beautiful flower garden in your yard.
  • Sponsor a memorial bench or tree plaque in a community park memorializing your pet.
  • Add an inscription to your pet’s headstone.
  • Volunteer at a local animal shelter to honor those amazing pets waiting for their special person.
  • Consider adopting another “best friend” into your life.

With the first four on this list, we honor our past pets’ memories. In embracing the last two on the list, we will only be the richer for all the gifts these pets have to bring.

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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