School is Out! Household Routine Changes and Your Pets

The summer is always a busy time in every household. School is out, college kids come home and very often family and friends come and go, too.

It can get crazy!

Dogs are wonderfully social creatures and usually enjoy the hyped-up activity. But at the same time, it’s important not to overlook their daily wants and needs and to further ensure they are safe if there is a lot of extra activity going on.

Pets, just like small children, thrive on a set routine and get unnerved if things change too drastically. So it’s important to ensure that their routine, especially with regard to daily walks and regular outings, remains intact. Meal times shouldn’t change either.

Of course older children may enjoy taking over some of these tasks as it gives them an opportunity to spend quality time with furry family members. They can also help out with grooming and bathing routines too.

It’s also a fun idea to plan special family outings during the summer such as picnics that dogs can enjoy as well. Check local calendars for such events such as Bark in the Park baseball matches and even doggie surfing competitions and special events where they can have fun dock diving.

One of the biggest problems over the summer when a home becomes a railway station with people coming and going is to ensure that pets, both dogs and cats, remain safe at all times. Putting notices on front and back doors is a quick and easy reminder that these doors are to remain shut at all times and not to let pets outside unattended.

Cats, generally speaking, don’t enjoy extra household activities – especially if strangers are involved. So it’s important to ensure that feline family members have at least one room where they can retreat far from the madding crowd. If necessary, if family and friends are staying over, move the food and water stations and a litter box to a special part of the home where they won’t be disturbed.

There’s no question that this should also be your modus operandi if you are planning a special party for your houseguests and friends.

And, if you are really busy entertaining over the summer, consider signing your dog up for a couple of days of doggie day care or get a professional dog walker in to ensure that he has a great summer too.

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