The Importance of Year-Round Flea & Tick Protection

Fleas and ticks are more than a mere nuisance: they cause distress for pets and, more importantly, they can spread disease. These nasty pests can infest your home and yard, wreaking havoc on the entire family, so it’s important to protect against fleas and ticks year round.

Here are three simple steps to help ensure that your pets, home and family are protected from fleas and ticks:

Step 1: Protect Your Pet

For complete protection from a flea and tick infestation, apply a fast-acting, long-lasting squeeze-on year round like PetArmor Plus for Dogs or Cats. It is available in four weight breaks for dogs, and one weight break for cats. PetArmor Plus kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks and chewing lice for up to 30 days. It contains the #1 vet-recommended active ingredient, fipronil, and (s)-methoprene, the same active ingredients used in FRONTLINE Plus. This waterproof formula breaks the flea life cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 weeks and kills ticks that may transmit Lyme disease. It is just as effective against fleas and ticks as FRONTLINE Plus, but costs less!

Step 2: Guard Your Home

Fleas and ticks can multiply quickly once in the home. PetArmor Home Home & Carpet Spray kills fleas, ticks, bed bugs, lice and dust mites. It contains a unique combination of ingredients that kills adult fleas as well as flea eggs and larvae. This product continues to kill fleas for seven months by preventing their development into the adult biting stage. It reaches fleas hidden in carpets, rugs, draperies, upholstery, pet bedding and floor cracks. One treatment with this spray gives continuous flea protection for 210 days.

Step 3: Treat Your Yard

Prevent fleas and ticks from jumping onto pets when outside by spraying the yard and treating around the home’s foundation to kill any potential flea populations. In addition to killing fleas and ticks, SENTRY HOME Yard and Premise Spray Concentrate kills mosquitoes for up to six weeks — stopping the spread of West Nile virus. It also kills deer ticks that may carry Lyme disease.

What steps do you take to protect your pets, home and family from fleas and ticks year round?

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