Super Smiley’s Top 10 “Petiquitte” Travel Tips

Super Smiley, blog dog, here with my top tips on Pet Travel Etiquette – Petiquitte! Before my time, dogs were usually left at home when vacation time came. But now we’re part of the family, and we go, too! Now, there are pet travel agencies, pet travel gear and many of the most elite resorts are pet friendly. But bringing along a pet should be thought of as a privilege, so that when we dogs travel, people enjoy us and want us to come back. To make that happen, we need to know some Pet Etiquette, or Petiquette!

  1. Set him up for success. Only travel with your pet if you know he has the disposition for travel and is trained to handle it with some basic obedience. This is the foundation for everything! A good sit/stay and leave it can be “magic commands.”
  2. If you are traveling to a hotel or indoor pet friendly destination, walk your dog first thing before going inside so he can relieve himself. There will be lots of other pet smells inside that may entice some dogs to want to mark or “go” where another dog just “went.” So watch your dog extra closely to make sure he doesn’t mark or poop indoors. Remember, we want to make a good impression so the pet friendly places stay pet friendly!
  3. I love other dogs and play a lot, but I like to meet them first before they jump up into my face. So remember, even though a dog may be socialized for polite public behavior, he may not like a dog they don’t know running up into his face. So even if your dog is super friendly, before you let him run up to greet another one, ask first, “Can my dog come say hi,” and wait for his person to answer before you let your dog approach.
  4. Just like with some dogs, some people don’t like dogs running or jumping up on them. As a therapy dog, I’ve met lots of people who love dogs but want to enjoy us from afar. So don’t allow your super friendly dog to run up and kiss every person he sees. Ask first if your dog can come say hi. And if they say “No,” don’t feel rejected. You can still brighten their day with a tail wag and smile.
  5. Respect other people’s belongings, especially food. We dogs love to smell new smells, and luggage from distant lands and bags filled with food sometimes seem irresistible. But remember that just like some people may not want your dog on them, they also may not appreciate your dog sticking his head in their bags or getting his nose too close to their sandwich. Keep us under your control and out of other people’s spaces, so we dogs are seen as polite members of our families who have earned the privilege to be there.

Great job Super Smiley! Megan here now with five more Petiquette Travel Tips for us humans!

  1. As our dogs’ guardians, it’s our responsibility to know our dog and to protect his space. This may be the most important tip of all. Super Smiley did a great job talking about not invading other dogs’ or people’s spaces and, on the flip side, we need to feel confident and take responsibility for protecting our dog’s space. For example, if your dog doesn’t like other dogs running up into his face and you see a person letting his dog approach too quickly, then politely ask them to wait until you all can go outside and introduce them on a friendly walk.
  2. In hotel lobbies and in public “human” areas, keep your dog in a close heel and in a heel/stay when you are standing at a spot, like at the registration desk. And avoid using extension leashes when indoors or close quarters like in a hotel lobby or airport.
  3. Be aware of off-limit areas. Many pet friendly hotels and venues have off limit spaces, like restaurants or pools. Be sure to ask this in advance so you aren’t surprised by an unexpected restriction. And be sure to respect the rules. Remember Petiquette is all about making a good impression so pets remain welcomed.
  4. If you are staying in a hotel and your pet is used to staying on the bed or furniture, bring along a lightweight sheet to place on the bed or furniture to keep the fur to a minimum.
  5. As always, clean up after your pet. Bring poop bags, and if he’s a messy eater, clean up after his meal.

Bonus Tip 11. To keep his barking to a minimum, place the Do Not Disturb sign on your hotel room door. This way the housekeeper won’t alert your dog. Also, they won’t enter unexpectedly and become surprised or frightened by your dog or (Heaven forbid) accidently let your dog loose!

Pets are a part of our families, and just like we practice good manners, our pets can easily do the same. And sometimes, if we watch closely, they may even remind us how to behave!

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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