Dogs Rejoice! It’s Spoil Your Dog Day

I’ve said it before: I don’t really understand events such as Spoil Your Dog Day. This is something that we do every day without putting a title on it!

So I am going to use the event to suggest how to overindulge your dog for a day instead.

Dogs are such wonderfully social creatures; consider inviting over friends with dogs and hosting a fun play date in your garden. Naturally, the guest list would have to include dogs your pooch likes and enjoys playing with so that there are no canine squabbles.

It’s summer, so bring out an inflatable baby pool and allow them to splash around. Of course, there is also the swimming pool, too. But be sure that someone plays lifeguard and keeps a watchful eye all the time. And if you do allow them to frolic in the pool, keep the hose handy to shower them down afterward to get the chlorine out of their fur.

You have to be very careful about bringing out toys to ensure there is no rivalry and a particular dog trying to take sole possession. Naturally, it depends on the temperaments of each and every dog present.

But there are other fun games you can play such as bobbing for apples. This way, the dogs can take turns. For the smaller pooches, you may want to consider chipping the apples up into smaller pieces.

If you normally bathe and groom your dog at home, consider a “spaw” day at a local pet specialty groomer and arranging for your pooch to have the works which, depending on where you go, could include a nice massage, too. Ask your vet’s office for recommendations and ask your friends, too.

Another fun activity for your dog could be a day at a special doggie day camp where dogs are supervised during a wide variety of activities. And, if you live in an apartment, select a place where dogs can run off-leash with lots of outdoor room to play and enjoy.

And naturally the best way to overindulge your dog is to take him shopping. Dogs really enjoy an outing to the pet store. First, there are always free treats! But they really also enjoy the smells! Together you can pick out a new toy and get those games going when you get back home. Some of the latest plush toys have lots of squeakers – it may drive you crazy, but your dog will love you even more!

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