Homeless Pets and Pet Overpopulation

August 16, 2015, is International Homeless Animals Day. Their aim is to raise awareness about the plight of animals without a loving home, and the literally millions of pets that lose their lives every year due to crowded and underfunded pet shelters.

Many sides in the pet overpopulation disagree on the best way to solve the problem – is it through efforts to raise awareness of the advantages of spaying and neutering pets? Increased fees for unspayed pets, licenses on pets or taxes on breeders? But all sides can agree on one thing: the pet overpopulation issue is real, growing and unacceptable.

I think getting the problem resolved depends on lots of factors, but for me, spaying and neutering and increased pet adoption are at least part of the solution.

The obvious upside of neutering your dog or cat is that they’ll no longer be able to have a litter of young. Pet overpopulation is a very real and pressing problem, so fewer puppies and kittens born means fewer unwanted pets in shelters and fewer stray and unwanted pets being euthanized. That part’s pretty easy to get your head around. (For responsible pet breeders and aficionados of certain dog and cat breeds, breeding pets is done out of a love of the breed and profit is only a secondary motive – I won’t include them in this discussion.)

Adopting a shelter dog or cat (or ferret or cockatoo) can save a life and help replace the cold comfort of a concrete floor with a place in your home and heart. Thousands of shelter pets are waiting in your neighborhood to move in and start the cuddling – why not take the family on a trip to the shelter today? Here’s a place to start your search: http://www.petfinder.com/

Do your part today to be part of the solution and save a life. Not every dog or cat that enters a shelter is adoptable, but many are and if you have room in your heart and home for a pet, you can help provide a loving home for a lonely dog or cat.

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