The Adjustment to Moving

Well, we are officially empty nesters. Our daughter just bought her first house. Of course, there is still quite a bit of her stuff still at our house, but it will get moved over little by little.

Our daughter was lucky that she was able to close on her house, but not move in immediately since she was living at home and not required to be out by a specific date. This also gave her the opportunity to do a few things to the house before moving her stuff in and get the fence installed for her dog, Mya.

Moving can be a big adjustment for our pets too. With going over many times to paint or work on minor things at the house, Mya was given the chance to go along and get used to the new place a little at a time. We were lucky that she made herself right at home immediately and has recognized that area when she gets close on car rides.

Not all dogs adjust right away to large events in their lives. They just don’t understand why they don’t get to go back to the home they are used to. Of course, Mya had the advantage of coming to my house on school breaks when our daughter was in college, going to stay with friends at a couple of different houses when she needed overnight care from someone else and those ever popular playdates! She still gets to spend lots of time at “Grandma’s house,” too.

This could be another good time to use a SENTRY Calming Collar or SENTRY Calming Diffuser! It could ease the stress for those dogs that don’t adjust to change as quickly as Mya. This is also the time of year for storms and fireworks. We use these products to help Mya through those scary days and keep her from getting as stressed. Of course, the pillows on the bed are a great place to hide from those scary things too!

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