Super Smiley’s Top 10 Camping Tips

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and we dogs love to go! Take us camping with you pleeeeze!

Megan and I hiked across New England and camped as we went. It was the best adventure ever!

We are with our people, in the outdoors; there are things to smell and see and hear and dig up. It is dog heaven! To live up to this vision of paradise, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. As when traveling to hotels or resorts with your pets, it’s good to be familiar with where you are going and what the rules are. So you can spend your time there having fun!

Is the campsite pet friendly? Good to know!

What are the rules and restrictions? Like, are there places dogs can’t go? Maybe a pool area, or showers?

  1. We dogs love to explore, but it’s your job to keep us safe, so don’t let us drink standing water. If you bring bottled water for you, bring enough for us, too.
  2. Keep us on our regular diets so we stay feeling ourselves and can have fun! S’mores are for the peeps!
  3. Along the exploring and keeping us safe theme, we love to find a great scent and go for it, so keep us on a leash or you may find us at the wrong end of a skunk… or a bear!

And in case we do get loose and lost, make sure we are wearing an ID tag with your cell phone number on it. Make sure we are microchipped, and just to be really prepared, bring some flyers with photos of us and your phone number in case you need to post them.

  1. Bring along any extra camping items we may need. If you are bringing something extra for you, we may need it too, like dog sunscreen for sunny hiking or a sweater or extra blanket for cold nights. Bring along our usual travel things too, like medications, poop bags, toys and a blanket that smells like home.
  2. We may be hiking through brush and digging in the dirt so be sure to check our fur, skin, paws and ears regularly for ticks, burrs, foxtails, cuts, or hotspots.

Good job Super Smiley! It’s Megan here now with more tips on camping with your dog.

  1. Ask your vet about regional health issues that may be of concern and what precautions, vaccinations or medications are recommended, like the Lyme disease vaccination or heartworm medication for example.
  2. Smiley already covered keeping dogs on a leash. I’ll add: Don’t leave him unattended ever! This includes not leaving him in a car alone.
  3. Dogs may not understand the danger of open flames or hot coals of a dying campfire, so keep him safe. A good “leave it” or “away” command comes in handy here. Also when cooking outdoors, remember the cooking utensils covered in yummy smells and morsels may also be fire hot, so be sure to keep him away from those, too.
  4. If you are crossing state lines in your travels, be sure to check current pet travel regulations in all states you enter. Some states require pets to be secured in cars with a harness or crate. Some states may require health records. And, some cities have breed-specific legislation in place, meaning specific breeds are banned from entering that city and, if they are found within city limits, they can be confiscated.

Camping can be the most wonderful adventure your dog has ever experienced, and it can be the best bonding time ever! When Super Smiley and I hiked across New England, it was a life adventure I will never forget. And that is what our dogs are about. Helping to make our lives complete.

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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