Fall Fire Safety for Your Pets

Both cats and dogs have been known to cause serious house fires by knocking a candle over with a wagging tail or pulling down a tablecloth that has candles on it. Not to mention serious harm to themselves, too. In fact, according to statistics released by the National Fire Protection Association, pets are responsible for starting about 1,000 house fires a year.

There’s no doubt that candlelight adds a lot of atmosphere to a room. However, it’s really important to ensure that pets are never left alone in a room where lit candles are burning. Accidents can happen quickly. All it takes is a cat on a table knocking the candle over, a wagging dog tail doing the same thing, or an exuberant pet playing with the overhanging part of a tablecloth bringing it down to the floor along with everything on the tabletop.

Putting candles on shelves may keep them out of reach of small children, but remember cats can jump to such heights.

Fortunately, flameless candles have become very popular and are now available in a huge array of sizes and colors. If there are pets in the home, this is definitely worth the investment. I have often found them on sale at various stores and have personally waited for such occasions to stock up.

Indoor fireplaces are also danger zones for pets unless they are properly screened off from prying paws.

The same thing applies to barbecues, pizza ovens and outdoor fire pits. Pets are automatically drawn to the warmth of burning coals and those glass surfaces that are popular for outdoor heating features. It’s important that pets are unable to access such areas after you have finished cooking or gathering around a conversation pit. Often coals may look as if they have cooled off but are still hot and will burn paw pads, not to mention a dog’s mouth if your pooch decides to pick one up.

It’s also important to keep loose wiring away from pets to prevent them from chewing through electrical cords, and exposing the wiring, which could in time fray, further causing an electrical fire. Also, by chewing through wiring, pets can cause serious burns to their mouths and even electrocute themselves resulting in death.

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