How Pets Can Join the Thanksgiving Celebrations

Thanksgiving is the quintessential family holiday and every year family members travel from far and wide to all get together in one destination. And it’s not unusual for both canine and feline family members to travel and join in with all the celebrations too.

Just a word of caution and basic petiquette: Never simply arrive with your dog or cat in tow. Incumbent pets may not be welcoming and your pet’s presence could also be inconvenient to your hosts.

However if they are included, everyone will have a better time if you go out of your way to ensure that your pets are self-sufficient by bringing all your own pet accessories as well as food and treats with you.

By bringing your own pet bed, and in the case of your cat, also her own litter box and scratching post, means that you pet won’t do any damage to the home.

Taking along favorite toys means that your pets will keep themselves occupied when everyone is preparing the Thanksgiving meal or sitting down to enjoy it together.

Don’t encourage your pets to hang around the Thanksgiving table. Rather cloister them to a certain section of the home. This way you also have peace of mind that they won’t have access to the kitchen and help themselves to leftover food and especially things such as turkey bones and corn cobs which can be dangerous if ingested.

There’s no reason that pets can’t enjoy a nice Thanksgiving meal, as long as you prepare it by selecting the veggies served that are suitable to add to the pet bowl along with chunks of turkey. There are specially prepared Thanksgiving meals for pets such as Merrick Pet Care’s seasonal Thanksgiving Dinner cans for both cats and dogs that can be found in pet stores specially for this occasion.

Spoil your pet with a new toy to keep him engaged and bring it out just before you plan to get down to your own entertaining.

Create a treasure hunt around a portion of the home where your pet will be by hiding toys and treats in different places so that he can have fun sniffing them out. Puzzle toys that can be filled with treats such as Pur Luv dog treats, and even kibble, are a great way to keep pets engaged and having fun too.

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