Naughty or Nice? Pet Products to Save Your Holiday

There’s no question that whether our pets have been naughty or nice, we are going to spoil them this holiday season and, where possible, include them in family gatherings and holiday parties.

However, it’s really important to remember that what may be deemed to be naughty behavior can in fact be stressed-related behavior because many pets can’t tolerate noisy activities and parties. Often they will run and hide – and possibly even chew on your favorite shoes.

Fortunately, there are a lot of products on the market designed to help relieve stress. The key is to plan in advance to give them an opportunity to really work. Such products are usually pheromone based or contain natural calmatives such as lavender and chamomile.

Natural pheromones are naturally recurring chemicals that animals produce that can affect the behavior of other members of the same species. For example, both dogs and cats release pheromones when nursing their young, which is said to have a calming and soothing effect on both kittens and puppies. Cats release pheromones from facial glands when they rub up against furniture and people. It’s a way of marking their territory and claiming is as a safe zone.

Further research has shown that cross species pheromones can have a positive affect too. For example, a recent case study showed that the pig pheromones can help curb excessive barking and jumping behaviors when applied to dogs. In fact, SENTRY has used these pheromones in their Stop That! Noise Pheromone Spray. Pheromone products have also been known to help reduce scratching and spraying.

There is a complete range of products suitable for both dogs and cats under the SENTRY label. Calming Collars such as the SENTRY GOOD Behavior Calming Collar for Dogs or for Cats should be put on a dog or a cat a few days in advance of an event. These collars are infused with synthetic pheromones and designed to have a calming effect to help pets overcome stress, and have an efficacy for about 30 days. They also contain natural calmatives such as lavender and chamomile.

The same formula is available as SENTRY GOOD Behavior Calming Spray for Dogs or for Cats, and it is an excellent idea to spray a crate before you put your dog inside to help your pooch settle down and not feel stressed about any activities going on in another part of the home. (It also works for a trip to the vet.)

Calming diffusers are designed to plug into a room and help create a calm and peaceful mood in a home environment by emitting a continuous stream of calming pheromones. SENTRY also makes GOOD Behavior Calming Drops and this is an excellent product to use in conjunction on a favorite toy or blanket to keep pets calm.

The most important thing to remember is that basically all dogs are good dogs – and the same applies to cats too. If they are up to no good, there is a reason. And it’s up to every responsible pet parent to investigate the cause and look for a fix.

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