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Archive for 'Health Care'

The Ultimate Guide to Joint Health in Pets

September 29, 2015

Joints are a complex organization of muscle, tendons, joint capsules, cartilage, and joint fluid which work in concert to keep us moving. They help our fur-kids every time they move – when they play, jump, kick, and scratch. Unfortunately, like us, our pets can get joint problems too. They can get this from getting injured, an infection, their own body attacking them like rheumatoid arthritis…  

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Rabies: How To Keep You and Your Pets Safe

September 28, 2015

World Rabies Day is September 28 and is intended to raise awareness about rabies. Rabies is still a huge problem in many parts of the world (Africa and Asia in particular, due to the high numbers of stray dogs), and it even crops up in the U.S. from time to time. Each year 55,000 people die worldwide of this dreaded disease, and about ten percent of…  

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How to Remove Burrs and Stickers from a Dog’s Fur

September 24, 2015

Super Smiley here, and I’ve gotten burrs in my paw pads and have seen Angel, my German Shepherd, with stickers in her fur, and it’s a mess. We can’t pull them out ourselves and it is even hard for Megan to get them out without making us nervous that it will hurt if she pulls on our hair. What to do???? Hey, Super Smiley, not…  

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What You Should Know About Pet Dental Disease

September 15, 2015

Dental disease affects every body system in your pet (not to mention that it’s painful), so a little knowledge is power when it comes to your pet’s dental health. If you’ve ever had severe tooth pain, you can surely relate to what your pets may be going through – they get all the same kinds of tooth problems that people do. Below are some answers…  

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