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Archive for 'Pet Safety'

Top 5 Commands to Teach Your Dog

December 22, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, and as a dog, I vote “yes” on training! Training lets us feel totally confident and comfortable in our environment. We know what’s good, what’s safe and what gets us super good attention and rewards. We also know clearly what not to do. So all we have to do is not do that thing, and we’re good! Often what makes…  

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Winter Safety and Exercise for Pets

December 17, 2015

I can’t hold out hope for warmer weather any longer. Winter is upon us and with winter come some winter pet hazards and the ever present threat of boredom and inactivity – for you and your pet. This time of year, there’s lots of pet-related information about keeping your pets safe and comfortable in the chilly weather, so I thought I’d share some of that…  

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How to Save Your Holiday Trees and Decorations from Pets

December 07, 2015

As most cats that are allowed outdoors will attest, trees are for climbing. So, if you simply bring a tree indoors, well, that’s for climbing too! And if cats don’t understand holiday trees, I’m afraid a lot of dogs don’t either. Attracted by the smell of a fresh pine, your holiday trees can quickly transform into just another pee station… A well-trained dog (and cat)…  

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Interesting Facts About Today’s Mutts

December 02, 2015

Thanks goodness mutts are in vogue! This means that more and more people are adopting loving, funny mixed breeds, or, as they are sometimes referred to, “pavement specials.” We have a special day to celebrate them because as it stands right now more then 53 percent of dogs in America are mutts. The last mutt census conducted in this country was done in 2011. It…  

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