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Archive for 'Training'

Training Young Dogs for Therapy

September 22, 2015

Since we have no interest in breeding or showing, Shelby and Bailey got spayed after they turned six months old. This did not slow them down, but they really enjoyed having those tummies scratched while their hair grew back in. This also means I won’t have to worry about any unplanned litters or not being able to take them out on pet therapy visits since they…  

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Top 10 Tips on Flying with Pets

August 27, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here. I love to travel with my person! We pets are becoming traveling companions to our people not only on road trips but on cross country flights. Megan flew more than 150,000 miles with Tout Suite The Travel Kitty, and together they learned a lot about flying with pets! Super Smiley, you are right on target! It’s Megan here now and to…  

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Super Smiley’s Top 10 Car and Travel Safety Tips

August 20, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here, with the news that we dogs love to go in the car with our people! We love to sit in the front seat, paw and lick our people and hang our heads out the windows and smell the world! But, with pets, we’ve learned this isn’t the safest way to roll. In working on this dilemma, I’ve learned that safe…  

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Super Smiley’s Top 10 “Petiquitte” Travel Tips

August 06, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog, here with my top tips on Pet Travel Etiquette – Petiquitte! Before my time, dogs were usually left at home when vacation time came. But now we’re part of the family, and we go, too! Now, there are pet travel agencies, pet travel gear and many of the most elite resorts are pet friendly. But bringing along a pet should be…  

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