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Archive for 'Veterinarians'

Pet’s Bill of Rights: February is Responsible Pet Owners Month

February 02, 2015

What responsibility do we have to our pets? What is responsible pet ownership? To highlight this important concept, February is Responsible Pet Owners Month and here are some points to consider when taking care of your pets or thinking about getting a new one. This is one of those ethically gray areas that has no real hard answers to guide us — if you ask five…  

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Five Signs of Canine Eye Trouble

December 15, 2014

Dogs are known for their noses, which are said to be 10,000 times more sensitive than ours. I live in a house with two babies and a teenager-to-be, so I can’t say that an enhanced sense of smell would really be a good thing in my world. But, the way a dog navigates the world is primarily through their eyes — and keeping a dog’s…  

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Winter Pet Fire Safety

December 04, 2014

Every fall we get a big pile of wood and stack it in the garage for use during the winter — we don’t heat with it, we just love having a roaring fire in the hearth on a cold winter’s day or a chilly fall afternoon. Along with a beautiful fire to read by, however, come some risks to you and your pets. Below are…  

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Rod’s Top 3 Things Vets Wish Pet Owners Knew

November 25, 2014

Dr. Tony gave some great advice last week on what veterinarians wish that pet owners knew! I have three more to add to that list: Are follow-up examinations/recheck visits important? As veterinarians, we realize it may seem like an inconvenience to bring your pet back into our hospitals/offices for their follow-up exam. Besides he/she seems much better, so why bother? However, the recheck can be…  

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