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Archive for 'Young Pets'

Puppies and Happiness Go Hand in Hand

March 23, 2012

In Honor of National Puppy Day, I wanted to post a few awesome pictures that were shared on our Pet Health Central facebook page. Do you remember when your furry friend was just a pup? Or is your pet still a little one? These moments are so precious. It is incredible to see your furry baby grow, learn and change right before your eyes. I…  

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Boxer Puppy

Expert Advice: How to Avoid Puppy Mills

December 20, 2011

Puppies are joyful, full of life and just oooooze happiness. For some pups, though, and especially the mothers who carry them, life isn’t very joyful at all. And while public awareness campaigns have helped shut down a lot of puppy mills all across the country, the sad truth is that there are still those out there who make puppies their business with total disregard to…  

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Shih Tzu with training treats

Puppy Love: Training with Treats

November 16, 2011

Training your puppy is essential…though at times frustrating. There are a few things that can help both of you make this time more enjoyable and less stressful. The first one in this series: treats. Now I know that you think your puppy is extraordinary, and he or she certainly may be! But as a rule, puppies are not deep thinkers. They are not motivated by…  

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