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Changing Weather Affects Your Pets

September 24, 2013

My wife and I disagree about fall – I love it, she sees it as the end of the world. We also disagree about bacon (She’s a vegetarian). I think fall is a time of quiet introspection as the sun-drenched frenetics of summer are left behind. She sees it as the beginning of winter, where the world is encased in a glassy ice envelope and life…  

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6 Pet Friday’s Pets from Sergeant’s

August 16, 2013

One of the best things about working for a pet care company is that everyone loves pets. We even have a weekly “bring your pets” to work day, which happens to be today! Unfortunately, we haven’t had many cats in the last couple of weeks, so this post only shows off our canine companions. I promise to feature a few purrrfect felines on our Pet Health Central Facebook…  

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Should You Get Your Pet a Pal?

July 31, 2013

There is wonderful research that proves what pet lovers have always thought; namely, that pets are good for people. For example, a study done at the University of Minnesota concluded that people who have cats stand a 40% less chance of having a heart attack. Recently, the number of pets of all species that have signed on as pet therapists has grown considerably. They do…  

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Summer Travel Tips for Your Cat

June 10, 2013

While typically it’s the family dog that gets to go on vacation, cats are getting to travel, too. But whether kitty is going to visit Grandma while the family goes off on a cruise or is actually going along to the vacation destination, the same planning is involved to ensure that the travel arrangements are stress free. It’s a good idea to have two different…  

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