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Back to School: How to Get Your Pets to Cope

September 08, 2014

The summer is a fun time not only for kids but for family pets too. They have lots of human company and there is usually a lot happening that includes outings to the beach and visits to family and friends. Then it’s back to school and off to college and the house goes quiet and your pets really do miss the action and interaction. Often this…  

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Stressed Pet? Think Pheromones!

August 25, 2014

“Follow your nose.”  Who is old enough to remember the famous cereal-selling toucan that said that? Of course one of the things our pets use their noses for is to smell, and this highly developed sense can pick up the chemical substance smells of what we refer to as pheromones. According to Mr. Webster, these chemical substances are produced by an animal and serve as…  

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Help! My Dog is Having a Seizure!

June 12, 2014

Grand Mal, petite mal, convulsions, prodromal, aura, ictus, postictal and interictal. What do all these terms have in common? They are all descriptive words associated with seizures. Seizures can occur in dogs and cats and are a scary and emotional event for both the pet and the owners. If you have ever witnessed a “full blown” seizure, you will agree it is a very stressful time….  

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