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Tag Archives: 02206

Dogs, Bones and Barbecues

September 24, 2014

Yes! Dogs enjoy barbecues and tailgating parties as much as people do. They are very social creatures and, besides, there is food involved! The problem with such gatherings is that there is usually so much going on that it can often be difficult to keep an eye on your pet. And dogs can be sneaky — especially when there is food involved! If you are having a…  

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Adopt a Shelter Cat Month

June 18, 2014

As far as I am concerned, every month should be Adopt A Shelter Cat month. However, June is the month designated on the cat calendar. The premise of this month is to bring awareness to shelter pets, many of which land up in shelters because of the carelessness and selfishness of humans. One of the biggest myths about shelter pets is that there is something…  

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Night Time Can be the Right Time to Walk Your Dog

April 09, 2014

Here in Nebraska, the days are gradually getting longer and that means more hours of daylight. For someone who loves warm weather, that’s a plus. But walking your dog in the heat of the day (especially in July or August) is not always enjoyable. I like to take my pets for a stroll in the dusk or even after dark. For me, it’s an enjoyable…  

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Pheromones to the Rescue

March 06, 2014

Does your pet suffer from behavior problems? You’re not alone. When pets have behavior problems, it can be hard to remember how lovable, loyal and entertaining they can be. But it doesn’t have to be this way! With scientifically proven Good Behavior Pheromone Technology from SENTRY, solutions to some of the toughest behavior problems for cats and dogs are available. I’d like to share an…  

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