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Dogs, Bones and Barbecues

September 24, 2014

Yes! Dogs enjoy barbecues and tailgating parties as much as people do. They are very social creatures and, besides, there is food involved! The problem with such gatherings is that there is usually so much going on that it can often be difficult to keep an eye on your pet. And dogs can be sneaky — especially when there is food involved! If you are having a…  

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Pancreatitis and Other Dangers: Uninvited Guests at Your Tailgate

September 11, 2014

The kids are back in school, the air is brisk and football season is upon us. One of the many fun social gatherings that happen right before the big game is a tailgate party in the stadium parking lot. BBQs flare, refreshments abound and food starts coming off the grill onto paper plates before you can say, “touchdown!’” Fall is a common time when folks take the cooking…  

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Giardia: When Your Dog Gets ‘The Runs’

February 20, 2014

“The runs,” Montezuma’s revenge,” “The Hershey Squirts,” or just plain old diarrhea. These are all terms as veterinarians we hear several times weekly in practice. It is also interesting that when we and owners describe the severity of fecal consistency, it typically refers to food. “Like soft-serve ice cream or yogurt, it has a mucousy coating on it like raw egg whites or the jelly…  

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After The Dust Settles: Post-Disaster Return to Normalcy for Pets

May 29, 2013

We’re all pretty accustomed to thinking about disaster preparedness for ourselves and our loved ones in the face of recent mega-disasters like the recent tornado devastation in Oklahoma, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and super storm Sandy, to name but a few. There are websites and books galore devoted to planning evacuation routes and making lists of necessary supplies, and my fellow PHC blogger, Melissa Rice,…  

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