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Fear the Flea! Tiny Pests are in the News!

August 18, 2014

We often think of fleas in terms of how they affect our pets, but the truth is, fleas are in the news! On July 15, fleas were responsible for bites on students at the Linda Vista Elementary School in San Diego, Calif., requiring fumigation not once but three times. Then, national and international media reported that on Aug. 4 and 5, the Orleans County Courthouse…  

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Workin’ for a Livin’: Dogs With Interesting Jobs

September 17, 2013

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2013 My dogs do nothing to earn their keep…other than entertain me endlessly and adore me unconditionally. That’s a pretty important job, at least in my book. But when I volunteered to do a post on working dogs, I thought it would be a snap. After all, doesn’t the American Kennel Club have an entire classification of “working dogs”? And what about…  

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