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Battling Fleas and Ticks: Do You Have an Infestation?

August 04, 2014

All pet owners have combated fleas at one time or another. If you’ve tackled them in the past, or are in the midst of your battle, don’t fret — we’ve all been there or will be in your shoes at some point. Fleas and ticks can spread disease from a place that you may not consider: inside your home! These nasty pests can infest your…  

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DOGS ALLOWED: Camping With Your Canines

May 21, 2012

I remember a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon from when I was a kid – actually, remember is too strong a word.  ‘Vaguely recall some fuzzy, shadowy parts of it’ is slightly more accurate. It involved a dog, who I can only assume was Snoopy, trying to get into various human institutions like stores, pharmacies and hospitals, only to be met with a hand-lettered sign and a low,…  

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Meeting the Mafia in Memphis

April 24, 2012

Me again, your favorite celebrity flea reporter, checking in from the road on my cross-country Flea Season 2012 tour. I promised to keep you posted (get it? It’s a blog – ah, you gotta love flea humor!) and so I’m givin a shout out to all of my adoring fans from the red-hot, barbeque-flavored favorite of the South, Memphis, Tennessee. This might be the home of the…  

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