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ALERT: Disease Danger Up this Fall and Winter

October 15, 2012

Ah, fall. Temperatures drop, tree leaves turn bright colors and Halloween and Thanksgiving are almost upon us. Best of all, we don’t have to worry about things like fleas and ticks anymore. (Insert sound of needle ripping off of record here!) Wrong. While you’re not alone in believing this, it’s a dangerous error that can put your pet – and potentially your family – at…  

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DOGS ALLOWED: Camping With Your Canines

May 21, 2012

I remember a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon from when I was a kid – actually, remember is too strong a word.  ‘Vaguely recall some fuzzy, shadowy parts of it’ is slightly more accurate. It involved a dog, who I can only assume was Snoopy, trying to get into various human institutions like stores, pharmacies and hospitals, only to be met with a hand-lettered sign and a low,…  

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Pacific Coast Tick (Dermacentor occidentlis)

Beat the Bite of Disease-Carrying Ticks

May 08, 2012

ABC said it, The New York Times reported it, and even The Wall Street Journal wrote about it— it’s a good year to be a bug – and the big bad, blood-sucking tick is no exception. The milder-than-average winter that much of the country celebrated last year has a dark side: the potential for much greater tick infestations. Where deep freezes did not occur to…  

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