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Should I Treat My Pet for Fleas and Ticks Year-Round?

January 08, 2014

“You Hoser!”  “You Knob!” These are just a couple of quotable lines by Bob and Doug McKenzie of “The Great White North.” Currently it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere and many areas are indeed white, though not all. So, is it safe to stop utilizing flea and tick preventatives on our pets during this season? The farther north you go, it might be reasonable to…  

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The Leash You Can Do for Your Dog: Dog Walks

January 07, 2014

Walking the dog is more than just a yo-yo trick! Sometimes it’s a necessity, particularly if you live in the city and don’t have a yard. Sometimes it’s just for fun or to go out and get a little fresh air. A walk with your dog can also be a bonding experience — and not just for you and the dog, but for the whole family….  

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Why is My Pet Scratching?

November 13, 2013

In veterinary practice every day we see a variety of problems presented to us about your pets. One of the more common problems or complaints we hear about is, “Doc, why is my dog scratching? I don’t see any fleas and besides, I have given Muffy a flea bath and applied some of that topical stuff…but she still itches!” While fleas can cause the “itchies”…  

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Simple Steps to Prevent Illness Can Save You Money – and Heartache

June 28, 2013

UPDATED: March 30, 2014 Fleas and ticks are far more than tiny nuisances. These parasites can quickly catch a convenient ride on your dog or cat, and, if unchecked, can infest your home, putting both you and your pets at risk for serious illness. I remember the first time I found a tick on our dog. I was about 10, and we’d moved out to…  

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