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I Couldn’t Have Said It Better Myself: ‘Bow Down to Our New Insect Overlords!’

June 27, 2013

Some days, it’s hard to find good topics to write about and keep people’s attention – while also informing them of something important. Other days, the universe just opens up like a rare and beautiful flower and gives you something unexpected. Today, for me, that something is this headline, from ‘Bloodsucking vampire’ mosquitoes set to haunt Florida Immediately, upon reading this, several things happen:…  

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Experts Predict Rise in Lyme Disease Cases

June 25, 2013

how to make your ex want you back Two years ago we had record floods. Last year, record droughts. This year we had a record low on a Saturday only to have a record high the following Tuesday in our area of Nebraska. Talk about some record mood swings from Mother Nature! The weatherman doesn’t know what to predict. However, with regards to ticks, there is one thing we…  

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Pet Parenting is About Responsibilities

June 18, 2013

how can i get my ex girlfriend back p>I have two sweet baby girls. One is a 19-month-old girl, Natalee, and the other is a 6-year-old Shih-Tzu, Shay. They are my pride and joy, and my life has changed since bringing each of them home. It’s surprising how much changes when you become accountable for other living creatures. When Shay came home for the first time,…  

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Summer Travel Tips for Your Cat

June 10, 2013

While typically it’s the family dog that gets to go on vacation, cats are getting to travel, too. But whether kitty is going to visit Grandma while the family goes off on a cruise or is actually going along to the vacation destination, the same planning is involved to ensure that the travel arrangements are stress free. It’s a good idea to have two different…  

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