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ALERT: West Nile Virus,You and Your Pets

September 10, 2012

They say everything is bigger in Texas. Unfortunately, this year, that seems to be the case with West Nile virus. But it isn’t just Texas that has been affected. Cases of West Nile virus have popped up all over the country. And while this virus mostly affects humans, those of us who own pets should be especially cautious. There are precautions we can take to…  

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Pacific Coast Tick (Dermacentor occidentlis)

Beat the Bite of Disease-Carrying Ticks

May 08, 2012

ABC said it, The New York Times reported it, and even The Wall Street Journal wrote about it— it’s a good year to be a bug – and the big bad, blood-sucking tick is no exception. The milder-than-average winter that much of the country celebrated last year has a dark side: the potential for much greater tick infestations. Where deep freezes did not occur to…  

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