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Chubby Dogs and Fat Cats More Common Than Ever

May 29, 2014

“Hey, hey, hey, this is Fat Albert.” Who remembers this cartoon with Bill Cosby and the Cosby Kids? Well, we are not here to talk about cartoons or even something comical. Let’s talk obesity. That’s right, being overweight. Despite all the information being shared about the negative effects of obesity in our pets, research by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) reveals that the…  

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It’s Time to Answer Your Cat’s Questions

January 22, 2014

Jan. 22 is the one day a year my cats, Fudge and Ziggy, get to take over this blog on behalf of cats everywhere because it’s national “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.” By nature, cats are very curious creatures. So it figures that they would probably have a lot of questions to ask their pet parents. Fudge and Ziggy: Why do you always go in…  

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5 Easy-to-Follow Pet New Year’s Resolutions

January 01, 2014

I have no idea how one would get a cat or dog to adhere to a New Year’s resolution on their own. That’s where we, as pet owners, come in. Like most humans, I think a lot of resolutions pertain to general well being: eat healthier in 2014, exercise more, start taking the stairs and park further away from entrances. Exercise is always on my…  

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Are You a ‘Good’ Pet Owner?

September 10, 2013

We had a great response and a lot of interaction last year when we did a blog piece on responsible pet ownership, so I thought we could revisit it with a similar topic: what makes for a good pet owner? ‘Responsible’ is one thing – that’s like having a savings account, flossing and contributing to your 401(k) (in other words, a tad dull). But being a…  

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