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Naughty or Nice? Pet Products to Save Your Holiday

December 15, 2015

There’s no question that whether our pets have been naughty or nice, we are going to spoil them this holiday season and, where possible, include them in family gatherings and holiday parties. However, it’s really important to remember that what may be deemed to be naughty behavior can in fact be stressed-related behavior because many pets can’t tolerate noisy activities and parties. Often they will…  

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Valuable Tips on Holiday Travel with Pets

November 13, 2015

Holiday seasons are coming and this is a time we want to be together with our families. Our pets are part of our family and we often want to include them. For some of them, this can be a good option, while for others, a staycation while their people use planes, trains or automobiles can be just what the veterinarian ordered. What kinds of options…  

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The Adjustment to Moving

August 18, 2015

Well, we are officially empty nesters. Our daughter just bought her first house. Of course, there is still quite a bit of her stuff still at our house, but it will get moved over little by little. Our daughter was lucky that she was able to close on her house, but not move in immediately since she was living at home and not required to be…  

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When the Food Won’t Stay Down: Gastroenteritis in Pets

July 16, 2015

One of the most common reasons that pets end up in the veterinary hospital or ER is due to vomiting and diarrhea, known medically as gastroenteritis. While trauma and poisonings are common and more dramatic, this sometimes simple, sometimes complex condition accounts for a big percentage of vet visits. In some cases, the cause can be serious, or elude diagnostics tests, or require hospitalization or…  

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