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Shoo, Fly! Products to Battle Biting Flies

September 04, 2015

If you’ve ever spent time around horses, chances are you’ve spent plenty of time around pesky flies. Unfortunately, one of the by products of your favorite steed is also a big attractant to the flies that torment you, your horse, or even your favorite barn dog. Stable flies (sometimes referred to as biting house flies) may look like a common house fly, but the biggest difference…  

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Rescues We Love: Donkey Tales

June 12, 2015

It all started with one forlorn little donkey. The plan was that Lura and Scott Shehan were just going to look at some horse tack. Things got sidetracked when Scott’s wife suggested they tour the animal sale barn. That’s when they spotted him. “He was skinny, scared and the kids were laughing at him,” recalls Scott. “That’s what got to my wife. She said, ‘We…  

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