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Do Dogs Really Need Obedience Training? Part 2

December 11, 2014

Super Smiley here and I agree with everything Megan said in her obedience post because I show her these things every day! One of the consistent messages we give to our radio listeners is that dogs are teachers and when their people learn to really listen to them, a lot can be accomplished! My German Shepherd pack mate, Angel, has been a great teacher for us….  

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Pet Diabetes Month: What You Should Know!

November 10, 2014

November is Pet Diabetes Month, and this strikes home more than you may imagine. We’re writing this so you can recognize the symptoms early and so you can share this important info with other pet guardians. Super Smiley starting first, letting you know that my cat, Tout Suite the Travel Kitty, traveled more than 130,000 miles with Megan and was one of her co-hosts on “Animal…  

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Adopt a Shelter Dog Month: PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’!

October 01, 2014

October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, and with Super Smiley, Angel (our German Shepherd), two horses and a cat all being adopted, Smiley and I are especially passionate about this topic!  And the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program is totally rocking this mission. Did you know that Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is a sponsor of this wonderful organization? The PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin’ program…  

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