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Why Does My Dog Chew on His Feet?

January 13, 2015

Take a look at your dog’s feet — are they reddish and discolored? Does he constantly chew on them? Your dog probably has hay fever. I know what you’re thinking, “Hay fever? When my hay fever acts up, I get sneezy and wheezy and my eyes and nose run like faucets. I don’t chew at my feet!” But your dog’s hay fever is different from…  

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And The Hero Dog Awards Winner Is…Susie!

November 07, 2014

Last month marked the Fourth Annual Hero Dog Awards presented by the American Humane Association to honor the human/animal bond and the extreme canine heroes who walk among us. Eight categories participate including military dogs, law enforcement dogs, service dogs, search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, guide dogs, and hearing dogs. To give you an idea of the extraordinary feats these dogs perform, the first…  

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