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Spring Cleaning Your Pet’s Paraphernalia

March 02, 2015

March is officially springtime and that means spring cleaning and freshening things up for the longer and brighter days ahead. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh all your pets’ paraphernalia, too. You can start by washing all pet bedding and throws. If beds have lost their support or are looking a bit shredded, now is a perfect time to shop for something new and…  

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Cats and the Dreaded Hairballs

January 19, 2015

All cats, at some time or another in their lives, will deposit hairballs. And you can count on the fact that they will choose your favorite rug, couch or on your bed to “present” them to you. Some cats do it on a regular basis. Hairballs are as uncomfortable for cats as it is a hassle for you to clean up. So the answer is…  

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