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7 Tips to Know When Tailgating With Pets

September 11, 2015

It’s football season again and that is synonymous with tailgating parties before the game. If your dog is well-trained around people, there is no reason why he can’t enjoy such social events too. While many sporting events (especially baseball games) are fast gaining a pet-friendly reputation with Bark for the Park type events, it’s important that the stadium where you plan to hold your tailgating…  

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How to Correctly and Safely Clip Pets’ Nails

February 09, 2015

I know exactly when Ziggy is due for a mani/pedi or, in pet terms, a pawdicure because often when I  ignore him, he will try and climb up my leg, pawing me for attention. And when his nails are too long, even though they are retracted, I can feel them! Not to mention the “puncture marks” in my jeans. A pawdicure is an essential part…  

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Does a New Baby Mean Giving Up Your Pet?

January 27, 2015

Pet parents learning they are expecting their own baby may have some real concerns about the safety of their child and even keeping their pets. The key is training and having a structure in place well before the new arrival joins the family. You will have eight or nine months to prepare your pets, so let’s get started. First, you can clear up concerns about…  

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