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Megan Goes to Prison…with Prison Dog Programs

August 28, 2014

Prison Dog Programs exquisitely mesh the profoundly deep needs to have someone listen, feel valued, train focus, open hearts, and hone personal listening and life skills. These programs rehabilitate lives on the edge and actually save lives about to be lost — for both the dogs and their inmates. I had the great privilege to go into the prisons, work with and see first hand some…  

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What Is That Smell?

May 21, 2014

How many of you have been guilty of this scenario? (Admittedly, I am.) Someone comes up to you with something in their hand or simply says to you, “Smell this, it is awful!” And what do you do? Smell it and gag! They already told you the smell would make an onion cry and yet what do we do, smell anyway. This occurs frequently in…  

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