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How to Enjoy an “Old Man Dog”

October 22, 2012

At first, I was in denial. Kirby can’t be OLD! When the kids would innocently mention something about when Kirby is gone one day, I’d jokingly yell, “No! No! No!” and cover my ears. It wasn’t exactly a joke. But now I’ve decided that ignoring the inevitable is throwing away something valuable. Instead, I’ve taken to making Kirby more of a priority. Like for most of you, I’m…  

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The Doc Is In: Pet Dental Health, Part 3

February 22, 2012

Wish you could spend hours learning from your veterinarian? Pet Health Central has the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Rod Van Horn, DVM, a veterinarian with a large practice, on a regular basis. The interviews always focus on an important pet health topic. This month’s topic is pet dental care. Dr. Van’s Horn’s answers to commonly asked questions on this topic will be featured…  

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