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Wound Care 101

March 03, 2014

Remembering back just a few years ago (ha, ha) to when my age was in the single digits, whenever I got a minor cut or scratch at my grandparent’s house, Grandma would say, “Let me clean that up and we will turn it orange. It will heal right.” This meant scrubbing with soap and water and placing tincture of iodine on the wound. Ah, the…  

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The Top 3 Dog Ailments and How We Treat Them

August 07, 2013

Our pets are inextricably tied into our lives and when they become ill, we all feel the pain. Below are the top 3 dog diseases (just based on my experience) and what we, as veterinarians, recommend to treat them. This list could go on and on, but I just skimmed off the top three medical conditions that we treat to save you time. (Next up…  

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