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Tag Archives: black cats

Why We Celebrate National Black Cat Day

November 17, 2015

National Black Cat Day is celebrated on November 17 to highlight what awesome cats black cats really are, and also to try and help to dispel the myths and nonsense that continue to circulate around them. The biggest problem with black cats is their association with witches and the occult. Depending where you live in the world, they are either associated with good or bad…  

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Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

October 22, 2015

Since their domestication in ancient Egypt, cats have held a special place in our hearts and in our stories for thousands of years. It’s easy to see what can inspire that: their grace, mysterious glances, silent stalks, affection, and agility. Since their domestication, cats have played an important role in keeping pests from food stores. The popularity of cats spanned multiple different places: from Egypt,…  

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Mark Your Calendars for National Black Cat Day

November 17, 2014

Nov. 17 is National Black Cat Day — a day to appreciate these beautiful creatures, promote their adoption and dispel the myths that are associated with “midnight cats.” It’s sad that in this millennium we are still so locked up in the folklore of the Middle Ages surrounding black cats and witches that label them as a sign of anything evil and dark. A black…  

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