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Tag Archives: collars

Spring Fever: How a Microchip Can Save Your Pet

April 10, 2014

This has been an interminable winter, with polar vortices swirling all about and the piles of snow reaching to the rafters, but it is finally, officially over. RIP, winter, you’ll not be missed! We can now look forward to warming weather, some outside time and the return of vitamin D to our systems. Spring and summer are the best times to get outside and get…  

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Night Time Can be the Right Time to Walk Your Dog

April 09, 2014

Here in Nebraska, the days are gradually getting longer and that means more hours of daylight. For someone who loves warm weather, that’s a plus. But walking your dog in the heat of the day (especially in July or August) is not always enjoyable. I like to take my pets for a stroll in the dusk or even after dark. For me, it’s an enjoyable…  

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Respect Your Cat Day!

March 27, 2014

Cats own the title of the world’s most popular companion animals and national “Respect Your Cat Day” is the purr-fect occasion to pay homage to all fabulous felines. Having respect for your cat is all about responsible pet ownership. You need to make sure that you understand your pet’s inherent traits and make every effort to support natural feline needs. Example: For cats, the need…  

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Entertaining Guests and Keeping Pets Happy

February 27, 2014

Despite the term party animals, lots of dogs and cats don’t like raucous get togethers with a lot of what they consider strangers (your friends) invading their space. One of the biggest problems with entertaining is that doors are left open and are usually not monitored. This means that pets can slip out and run away and by the time you notice their absence, several…  

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