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Tag Archives: dental care

Join Tiffani Thiessen and Sergeant’s to emBARK on Pet Health

February 21, 2013

As February marks Responsible Pet Owners Month, I’m proud to be joining Sergeant’s Pet Care Products and American Humane Association with the launch of its emBARK on Pet Health campaign. There are nearly 70 million dog owners and 74 million cat owners in the United States, and while many of these pet owners know it is important to keep their pets healthy, they don’t necessarily…  

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What Really Happens When Pets Get Their Teeth Cleaned?

February 11, 2013

UPDATED: Nov 14, 2013 I want to reach out to as many pet owners as possible with a simple message: take care of the teeth and mouth! Education is the most important weapon in fighting dental and gum disease in pets. Share this post with as many pet owners as you can. Some pet owners are nervous about having their pet’s teeth cleaned at the…  

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Happy Pet Dental Health Month!

February 04, 2013

You have just come home on Friday afternoon from a long day and long week at work. Chip, your best Chocolate Lab buddy is enthusiastically there to greet you. “Come here, boy” as you pat your thigh. He runs over, you bend down and he tries to give you a big slobbering “kiss.”  As you are almost knocked over by the oral stench you say, “Wow,…  

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Bo (and Mya) Visit Sergeant’s!

July 24, 2012

Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! This is Bo, the therapy dog. I just wanted to tell you about how much fun I had one afternoon recently. Hey! What about me? Mya, be quiet! I’m the older and wiser one so it’s only appropriate that I write this post— plus I did all the dirty work stealing Mom’s computer. But I can tell stories, too! Keep this…  

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