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Tag Archives: fall tips

Fall Fire Safety for Your Pets

October 06, 2015

Both cats and dogs have been known to cause serious house fires by knocking a candle over with a wagging tail or pulling down a tablecloth that has candles on it. Not to mention serious harm to themselves, too. In fact, according to statistics released by the National Fire Protection Association, pets are responsible for starting about 1,000 house fires a year. There’s no doubt…  

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Fall Tips to Keep Your Pets Comfortable and Cozy

September 23, 2015

Fall is all about falling autumn leaves, shorter days and longer nights. Such seasonal changes can affect our pets too. For starters, both cats and dogs, like people, can suffer from seasonal allergies. Allergies caused by airborne particles are called atopy. Ragweed, flowering plants that are part of the sunflower family (even if they don’t resemble common sunflowers) are ranked as one of the greatest…  

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Attention Pet Owners: Important Tips for the Fall!

October 16, 2014

The changing seasons, such as the onset of fall, bring about changes in our pet’s lifestyle, too. Place warm blankets and rugs on your pet’s favorite sleeping places so that she can get extra warm and cozy. Also, move pet beds away from drafty windows and doors. Hairless cats such as the Sphinx would appreciate a fleecy shirt Shop the small-dog fashion aisle for something cozy…  

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