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One Single Flea Can Cause CHAOS!

May 23, 2014

I find it scary that one single flea bite can cause a very bad allergic reaction in your cat. Yes. ONE flea bite! Fleas used to be a seasonal pest with some parts of the country more affected than others. But that has changed. Fleas are now a year-round problem and a nationwide epidemic. The only way to win the war is to fight it…  

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Dr. Halligan on The Today Show

May 15, 2014

Hello, everyone! I am so excited to be appearing on The TODAY Show on May 21 to talk about how dangerous summer can be for your pets. This includes fleas and ticks! A lot of people don’t realize that fleas and ticks can transmit diseases to humans as well, including tapeworms from fleas and Lyme disease from ticks! Having been a veterinarian for more than…  

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National Thank a Police Dog Week

May 12, 2014

Thanks to pet lovers like you, PetArmor’s first National Thank a Police Dog Week was a huge success! Kicking off on April 28, National Thank a Police Dog Week was an opportunity to thank law enforcement K-9 officers and their human counterpart for putting their lives on the line to help keep us safe. We received more than 150 notes of support and were featured…  

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Spring is Beautiful…Except for This ONE Thing

April 21, 2014

In general, I am a big spring fan. It gets all warm and stuff and you are no longer required to wear 17 layers of down to keep your protruding bits from freezing off, which is a plus. You can fly kites, plant a garden, go outdoors. You can emerge from your cozy winter cocoon and start poking your head from the ground (if you…  

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