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Tag Archives: Fleas & Ticks

EEKS: The Worst Flea and Tick Season in a Decade

September 11, 2012

For pet parents, here’s a disturbing thought: this is being hailed as the worst flea and tick season in the past decade. According to research done by the Department of Parasitology at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Auburn University in Alabama, fleas spend only about 20 percent of their time on your cat or dog; the rest of their lifespan is spent free-ranging in…  

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Reducing Your Pet’s Carbon Paw Print

July 05, 2012

Did you know that your family pet could have more of an environmental impact than an SUV? If you are not cognizant of what you feed your pet and purchase in the form of toys and accessories and necessities, such as litter, you may be making a substantial impact on the environment during your pet’s lifetime. Fortunately, it’s very easy to go green and ultimately make a…  

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DOGS ALLOWED: Camping With Your Canines

May 21, 2012

I remember a ‘Peanuts’ cartoon from when I was a kid – actually, remember is too strong a word.  ‘Vaguely recall some fuzzy, shadowy parts of it’ is slightly more accurate. It involved a dog, who I can only assume was Snoopy, trying to get into various human institutions like stores, pharmacies and hospitals, only to be met with a hand-lettered sign and a low,…  

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