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Tag Archives: flying with pets

Top 10 Tips on Flying with Pets

August 27, 2015

Super Smiley, blog dog here. I love to travel with my person! We pets are becoming traveling companions to our people not only on road trips but on cross country flights. Megan flew more than 150,000 miles with Tout Suite The Travel Kitty, and together they learned a lot about flying with pets! Super Smiley, you are right on target! It’s Megan here now and to…  

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The Role Emotional Support Animals Play on Planes

December 01, 2014

I recently posted on Facebook about a flight I had sitting next to a beautiful young woman traveling with two emotional support dogs. I included in my post about how I got to see first hand the important role such pets can play in easing anxiety for their pet parent, especially when flying. Both dogs were properly registered and were wearing little vests detailing the role…  

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