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Tag Archives: Halloween

Pets and Treats: Don’t be Tricked by These Yummy Candies

October 29, 2015

As Halloween approaches, I know you’re thinking about the best costume for your furkids! Something else to think about is what kind of treats they can have or, worse, what they can get into. Yummy candy can pose a unique threat to our furkids. Chocolate is the biggest concern, but others include raisins/grapes and sugar free candies containing Xylitol. Let’s talk about chocolate. As chocolate lovers…  

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Halloween Can Be Scary for Cats and Dogs!

October 26, 2015

Happy Howl-o-ween! I’m Super Smiley, blog dog, here with a dog’s perspective on all the Halloween costumes and commotions goin’ on! I love going out and wearing my Super Smiley costume. So for me, it’s fun. But that being said, here’s the reality of what I see as a dog on Halloween: People ringing my doorbell every minute. People being loud. Groups moving around in…  

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Why Are Black Cats Associated With Halloween?

October 22, 2015

Since their domestication in ancient Egypt, cats have held a special place in our hearts and in our stories for thousands of years. It’s easy to see what can inspire that: their grace, mysterious glances, silent stalks, affection, and agility. Since their domestication, cats have played an important role in keeping pests from food stores. The popularity of cats spanned multiple different places: from Egypt,…  

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Happy Halloween from Pet Health Central!

October 31, 2013

I love all of the awesome pet photos that get posted to our Pet Health Central Facebook Page. It’s one my favorite things about doing social media for a pet care company! Who doesn’t love beautiful pets and their owners who adore them? There’s nothing better, in my book. So…I have the honor of sharing a few of my favorite snapshots from our PHC fan…  

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