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How to Change a Pet’s Life for the Better

January 23, 2014

Pets enrich our lives in so many ways, but how can we return the favor? They bring us joy, comfort us when we are sad or lonely, laugh at our stupid jokes and have been known to fetch a cold one from the fridge during the Super Bowl. Here are a few ways that we humans can return a small fraction of the kindness and…  

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It’s Time to Answer Your Cat’s Questions

January 22, 2014

Jan. 22 is the one day a year my cats, Fudge and Ziggy, get to take over this blog on behalf of cats everywhere because it’s national “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day.” By nature, cats are very curious creatures. So it figures that they would probably have a lot of questions to ask their pet parents. Fudge and Ziggy: Why do you always go in…  

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5 Signs of Eye Trouble

January 20, 2014

“Here’s looking at you kid.” (Casa Blanca) “I see dead people.” (Sixth Sense) “Are you looking at me? Are you looking at me? You must be looking at me, because I am the only one standing here.” (Taxi Driver) Do you see the commonality of these three quotes? In a broad sense they are all about sight and using our eyes. So what does this have to do…  

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Summer Finds a New Home in Wisconsin

December 30, 2013

Editor’s Note: This touching success story was submitted to PetSmart Charities and their Rescue Waggin’ Program. Sergeant’s Pet Care Products is a proud sponsor of this this life-changing program. As a sponsor, Sergeant’s is actively involved in helping the Rescue Waggin’ save the lives of homeless dogs and puppies around the country. Last fall, a black and white shepherd mix was surrendered with her puppy…  

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